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Frequently Asked Question

A bail bond is much like insurance , offered by a third party company or agency that guarantees the court that the bail will be paid in the event that the defendant does not appear as required. These bonds are offered at a premium – usually ten percent of the bond amount that is non refundable. So if the bond is set at $10,000, the the premium charged by the company is $1,000.

The bond amount is set by the court system, and is the full amount of bail required to temporarily release the defendant. The bond premium is what a bond agency will charge , typically ten percent of the total bail amount.

When a defendant misses a court date, this will result in an automatic bail bond forfeiture. A warrant will be issued for the defendants arrest, and the bail amount must be paid to the court or the bond must be reinstated.

HLS bonding company offers several payment options. Most common would be cash, check, or credit card. If the full ten percent is not available at the time the bond is needed we do offer various payment plans.

If you elect to use a bail bond agency, the money that is used for bail is technically that of the agency. If you have paid the bail on your own to the court directly, the money will be returned to you when the court process has ended.

Once you call our bail bond agency, we will ask a series of questions to assess the situation. Upon approval you will be required to complete some paperwork including a bail bond application. When payment has been received one of our licensed agents will appear at the clerk of courts office for that designated county to post the bond for your friend or loved one.