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Felony Bail Bonds

Not all crimes are created equal. At SMD & HLS Bail Bonds we know this and we have you covered. Most crimes are covered under the umbrella term, Misdemeanor, but some crimes are more. Require more. Felony crimes can have serious repercussions. The line between the two can be as thin as a strand of hair. There is a difference between the misdemeanor of assault and the felony of aggravated assault. The differences are what we are here for.

Has a loved one called you telling you they’re incarcerated for a felony crime and you don’t know what to do? SMD & HLS Bail Bonds should be your first step, we will help you post bail to get your loved one released. Sometimes repeat crimes will also end you on a felony list. Drinking and Driving being a main target for felony conviction. Theft, robbery and drug crimes will also get you on the list.

But don’t fear, we’ve got your back. Our friendly, educated advisors are always on call. Ready to answer your questions at any time of the day. A call from the local prison can ruin anyone’s day, let us help you get back to normal today.