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How To Know If Someone In Jail Needs A Bail Bond

Questions about Bail Bonds

Being a 3rd Generation bail bondsman we hear a ton of questions from people who are just not sure how the process works, the cost, and how to get their loved one released from jail quickly. One of the most common questions we hear “Is it possible to call the jail and contact my loved one?” The unfortunate answer to this question is, you can’t.

Jail don’t take phone calls

Jails are not set up to receive and answer calls regarding the status of every inmate. This would require an overwhelming number of calls, phones and personnel to handle such a task. You may ask, “If I can’t contact the jail, how do I know why someone is in jail, their bail amount or get them released?” This is where a bail bondsman comes into play. Thanks to the Eight Amendment to the Constitution , the right to be released from jail via bail was created. This was intended to allow a defendant time to prepare for their pending court appearance. Quite possibly, the defendant could have even been wrongly accused.

Experienced bondsmen matter

Bail bondsmen have been licensed and trained to know bail amounts for certain offenses, jail contacts, and the procedure for the immediate release of persons held in jail. We have spent years collecting and archiving information on jails throughout the state of Ohio so when you call, we spring into action. Not every bail bondsman have the resources needed to secure a defendant’s release in a timely manner. SMD & HLS Bail Bonds has spent 3 generations gathering this information and therefore have the resources to be some of the most efficient bondsmen in the industry. Don’t hesitate a minute more, contact us 24 hours 7 days a week.