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How much is bail? - Columbus Ohio Bail Bonds

How much is bail?

How much do bail bonds cost?

Even in everyday situations, money is often a big concern. Some budgets are planned down to the cent, and it can be devastating when you have an unexpected expense. Bail can be incredibly costly. The first question people ask is, “How much?” For this we have an answer.

Most bail varies from state to state, In Ohio, it is 10%. Ten Percent of the bail that is set by the court/judge. That is to say, if a judge casts bail at $10,000, the cost of the bail bond will be $1,000. It’s still a pretty steep slope, but it is much more manageable than $10k out of your pocket. SMD & HLS can post the bond amount for you should you not be able to achieve this amount. If you need help financing the bail we can even help you with our affordable payment plans!

How much will a bail bond cost me?

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