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How bail bonds work? - Columbus Ohio Bail Bonds

How bail bonds work?

Bail Bonds 101

How do bail bonds work? This short video explains the bail bond process from beginning to end. Understanding the bail bond process helps reduce confusion of this difficult and frustrating time. Our professional bail agents are always here for you 24/7 to answer any additional questions you may have.

How Bail Bonds Work by AboutBail

How bail bonds work

It can be difficult to see a loved one placed in jail. It can be even harder when you see the bail amount is too much to afford. Many of us hate the idea of someone we care for locked in prison. Bail bonds are an affordable option to get your loved ones out of jail.

The defendant will have to remain in jail until the judge sets a bail amount. If you choose to pay the bail amount it will be held by the court as collateral if the defendant fails to show up to their court date. If the defendant does appear at court, the bail amount will be returned. However, if you do not have the money to put up for bail there is another option.

Bondsmen are available to accept calls 24/7. When you call a bondsman be sure to have the defendants full name, jail location, booking number, and charges at the ready. A bondsman will travel to your location or the defendant’s location to post the bail bond.

Before the bondsman can post the bond, you must pay a fee to the agent. This fee will usually cost 10% – 15% of the original bail amount. The fee money is not collateral like bail money, so you will not get this money back. Since there is no money taken to penalize a defendant if they fail to appear at court, an agent may ask you to put property or belongings as collateral. Once the bond is posted the defendant will be released shortly.

If the defendant fails to appear at their court dates, the bondsman will locate the defendant and they will be arrested. The defendant will have the chance to defend why they missed the court date before any penalties are carried out. If the reason for absence is unsatisfactory the bond agent will pay the full bail amount to the court. To cover the costs of the bail amount, the bondsman will take any signed over collateral.

Incidents that cause loved ones to become arrested can happen at any time. No matter when your bail is declared, the agents from SMD and HLS will be ready for your call. Any of our agents are ready to help you any time of day.

SMD & HLS bail bonds is an experienced company founded in 1960 and has stayed in the family for over three generations. SMD & HLS knows how much family means to ease some of your stress should you require a bail bond. With all of our years in the bonding business we have extensive experience in all types of bonding situations. Any information disclosed at our facility will be given full confidentiality.

Not only will we treat your information with respect, we will also treat you with respect. Here at SMD & HLS you will not be treated differently than any other civilian. The company is a comfortable space to come to and is willing to answer any tough questions you might have with no judgment.

If money is tight, we also offer payment plans should you not be able to pay the full amount all at once. Trying times need not be harder due to a lack of funds. Each bail bond experience is personalized to your individual experience and what you may or may not need during this time.

Should you get the call that your loved one is incarcerated, we are here for you. Call us at any of these numbers and we will help you get back to normal.