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What is the role of a bail bond agent? A bail bond agent, also known as a bail bondsman, is a person or company that provides a guarantee to a court that a

When you are first arrested, you are typically taken to a correctional facility, processed, booked and then wait in jail until your arraignment before a judge. The judge will then explain the charges

Looking for a bail bond near you in Columbus Ohio? Look no further than SMD & HLS Bail Bonds! Bonding since 1960, we are the oldest and most respected bail bondmen in the

Questions about Bail Bonds Being a 3rd Generation bail bondsman we hear a ton of questions from people who are just not sure how the process works, the cost, and how to get

The Eight Amendment of the U.S. Constitution The right of bail and basic protections for U.S. citizens is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution via the Eight Amendment and is part of the Bill

Bail Bonds 101 How do bail bonds work? This short video explains the bail bond process from beginning to end. Understanding the bail bond process helps reduce confusion of this difficult and frustrating

How much do bail bonds cost? Even in everyday situations, money is often a big concern. Some budgets are planned down to the cent, and it can be devastating when you have an

Reasons you need a bail bond There are many occasions in which one may need a bail bond. They all fall under the Crime bracket. If you are arrested and accused of a

Our site also comes equipped with a bail bond calculator to simply the process. Simply input the court ordered bail amount into our easy to use calculator and let us do the work