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Bail Bonds Columbus Ohio

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Assault laws in Ohio include both the offense of "assault" and the offense of "battery". Attempting or causing

Get out of Jail for Drug Possession in Columbus Ohio Getting arrested for Drug Possession in Columbus is

Misdemeanor crimes are petty crimes that catch up to us and get us into trouble more often than

Not all crimes are created equal. At SMD & HLS Bail Bonds we know this and we have

Questions about Bail Bonds Being a 3rd Generation bail bondsman we hear a ton of questions from people

The Eight Amendment of the U.S. Constitution The right of bail and basic protections for U.S. citizens is

When you need a bail bond you don't want to wait. That's why SMD & HLS bail bonds

Sometime bad situations happen to good people. Many times those situations can lead to legal ramifications and even

Bail Bonds 101 How do bail bonds work? This short video explains the bail bond process from beginning

https://youtu.be/_IN2X4CbllM When someone goes to jail, SMD and HLS Bonding Co. goes to work. Based in Columbus, Ohio,